Keystone Team

OSEW 2019

Summary of the Open-Source Enclaves Workshop on July 25th 2019
David Kohlbrenner

Keystone Paper and Customizable TEEs

The Keystone paper is now available, along with the first entry in a series summarizing it.
David Kohlbrenner

Keystone v0.3 Release

Keystone is now on v0.3 with new features, plugin systems, and more documentation.
David Kohlbrenner

What is Keystone and its first open-source release?

Keystone is the first open-source enclave framework for RISC-V processors.
David Kohlbrenner

Keystone is Open-Source!

Keystone is now available at
Dayeol Lee

First Workshop on Building Open Source Secure Enclave

leading researchers and practitioners from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, ARM, UC Berkeley, MIT, UT Austin, Si-Five, Oasis Labs, and many others came together on building open source secure enclave
Dayeol Lee

Dawn Song's Keynote at ASPLOS 2018 NSF Workshop on Interdisciplinary Research Challenges in Computer Systems

Dawn Song gave a keynote about the open-source secure enclave at ASPLOS'18 NSF Workshop!