An Open Framework for Architecting Trusted Execution Environments

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How to try Keystone Enclave?


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What is Keystone Enclave?

Keystone is an open-source project for building customizable trusted execution environments (TEEs) based on RISC-V for various platforms and use cases. Our goal is to build a secure and trustworthy open-source secure hardware enclave, which can be applied to a wide range of applications and devices.

See our latest paper (EuroSys’20) to get more details!

Who Uses Keystone?

Academic Users

[arXiv (2020)] Schneider et al., “PIE: A Dynamic TCB for Remote Systems with a Platform Isolation Environment”

[arXiv (2020)] Yu et al., “Elasticlave: An Efficient Memory Model for Enclaves”

[IEEE Access Volume 8 (2020)] Hoang et al., “Quick Boot of Trusted Execution Environment With Hardware Accelerators”

[WOOT’20] Roy et al., “When Oblivious is Not: Attacks against OPAM”

[CARRV’20] Andrade et al, “Software-Based Off-Chip Memory Protection for RISC-V Trusted Execution Environments”

[CCS’19] Bulck et al., “A Tale of Two Worlds: Assessing the Vulnerability of Enclave Shielding Runtimes”

[SOSP’19] Nelson et al., “Scaling Symbolic Evaluation for Automated Verification of Systems Code with Serval”

Industry Users

[RISC-V Summit’20] Manuel Offenberg from Seagate features a prototype based on Keystone

If you want any updates in the list, please email dayeol [at] berkeley [dot] edu. If you’re an academic user, please cite Keystone Enclave using the following bibtex:

    title={Keystone: An Open Framework for Architecting Trusted Execution Environments},
    author={Dayeol Lee and David Kohlbrenner and Shweta Shinde and Krste Asanovic and Dawn Song},
    booktitle = {Proceedings of the Fifteenth European Conference on Computer Systems},
    series = {EuroSys ’20}


Contributors to the project repositories


Our past workshops on open-source enclaves that had broad industry attendance.

OSEW 2019

Open-Source Enclaves Workshop (Jul, 2019)

OSEW 2018

Open-Source Enclaves Workshop (Aug, 2018)