About the Workshop

OSEW brings the architecture/systems-security community together to make progress towards building open-source, secure, performant enclaves. In particular, we will discuss the different, realistic threat models, the components for secure enclaves, best practices and state-of-the-art techniques for each component, and open problems in this space. Our agenda and information for (OSEW 2018) is available.

This years workshop included invited talks from different research and industry groups on relevant topics, panel discussions on current topics, and contributed talks. For the summary of OSEW 2019, check out our blog post.


Time Title Speaker
8:30am - 9:00am Breakfast & Registration
9:00am - 10:00am Session I - Chair: Shweta Shinde
9:00Opening RemarksDawn Song (UC Berkeley, Oasis Labs)
9:10Keystone: A Framework for Architecting TEEsKeystone TeamVideo Slides
9:35Trustworthy Secure Enclaves AllianceDawn Song & David KohlbrennerVideo
9:50Secure enclave on a smartphoneJustin Lin (HTC)Video Slides
10:00Asylo’s unified enclave identity frameworkAnna Sapek (Google)Video
10:10Deploying and provisioning an enclave technology in a data-center environmentAnna Sapek (Google)Video
10:20Partitioning System Software for Hardware EnclavesChia-che Tsai (Texas A&M)Video Slides
10:30pm - 10:40pm Group Photo
10:40am - 11:00am Break
11:00am - 12:30pm Session II - Chair: David Kohlbrenner
11:00Arm TrustZone with Secure Partitions and Armv8.4Don Banks (ARM)Video Slides
11:20Speculative Taint Tracking (STT): A Comprehensive Protection for Transiently Accessed SecretsChristopher Fletcher (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)Video Slides
11:40InvisiSpec: Making Speculative Execution Invisible in the Cache HierarchyJosep Torrellas (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)Video Slides
12:00Side-Channel Attacks and Defenses for SGX and SEVYinqian Zhang (The Ohio State University)Video Slides
12:10Ginseng, the Learning TEENick Hynes (Oasis Labs)Video Slides
12:20pm - 1:30pm Catered Lunch
1:30pm - 3:00pm Session III - Chair: Shweta Shinde
1:30Bringing Memory-Safety to Keystone EnclaveMingshen Sun (Baidu X-Lab)Video Slides
1:50CoSMIX: A Compiler-based System for Secure Memory Instrumentation and Execution in EnclavesYan Michalevsky (Anjuna)Video Slides
2:10Be secure with Rust & secure enclavesJethro Beekman (Fortanix)Video Slides
2:30Fair computation for enclavesRohit Sinha (Visa Research)Video Slides
2:40Building Secure Decentralized Applications the DECENT WayHaofan Zheng (UC Santa Cruz)Video Slides
2:50Using Trusted Execution Environments on High Performance Computing PlatformsAyaz Akram (UC Davis)Video Slides
3:00pm - 3:30pm Break
3:30pm - 5:00pm Session IV - Chair: Krste Asanović
3:30HardFails: More Trust in Hardware with RISC-V and Co?Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (TU Darmstadt)
3:50A free and open API proposal for a multi zone RISC-V TEECesare Garlati (Hex-Five Security)Video Slides
4:10Panel: Open Challenges for Secure EnclavesPaul Chou (Nvidia),
Paul Kocher (Independent),
Justin Lin (HTC),
Frank Mckeen (Intel Labs),
Satyam Srivastava (Intel)
5:00pm - 5:25pm Break
5:25pm - 6:30pm Session V - Chair: David Kohlbrenner
5:25Special Guest: A Historical Perspective on Secure HardwareDavid Chaum (Elixxir)Not Recorded
5:35Towards End-to-end TEE Verification with KeystoneShweta Shinde (UC Berkeley)Video Slides
5:45Automated Verification of Systems Code using ServalLuke Nelson (University of Washington)Slides
6:05 Lightning TalksPranav Gaddamadugu (UC Berkeley) (Video Slides),
Leo Lin (PlatON) (Video Slides),
Kubilay Ahmet Küçük (Oxford University) (Video Slides)
6:20Closing RemarksOrganizers
6:30 Reception (The Faculty Club)


Organizing Committee

Krste Asanović (UC Berkeley and SiFive),
David Kohlbrenner (UC Berkeley),
Dayeol Lee (UC Berkeley),
Shweta Shinde (UC Berkeley),
Dawn Song (UC Berkeley and Oasis Labs),
Mohit Tiwari (UT Austin)