About the Workshop

This workshop brings the architecture/systems-security community together to make progress towards building open source, secure, performant enclaves. In particular, we will discuss the different, realistic threat models, the different components needed to build a secure enclave, best practices and state-of-the-art techniques for each component, and open problems in this space.

The workshop will also include presentations from different research and industry groups on relevant topics. Participants will also contribute to a final write-up summarizing the findings and discussions from the workshop. We hope the workshop can serve as a starting point to bring the community together towards building open source, secure, performant enclaves, help enabling standardization and real world deployment of open source secure enclaves.

Organizing Committee

Dawn Song (UC Berkeley and Oasis Labs),
Mohit Tiwari (UT Austin),
Krste Asanović (UC Berkeley and SiFive),
David Kohlbrenner (UC Berkeley),
Dayeol Lee (UC Berkeley),
Shweta Shinde (UC Berkeley)


Each session will end with a 5 minute summary discussion.