Keystone is Open-Source!

Keystone is now open-source.

Available now on github.

Keystone is an open-source secure enclave framework for RISC-V processors, and an on-going research project.

Keystone follows the philosophy of open security. While there is no industry agreement on the “right solution” for everything, we believe open-source design allows the community to more effectively share insights, improve designs, and iterate on problems towards the goal of secure hardware enclaves.

We are opening up development of Keystone now that we have a minimum set of features in place to allow application development and enclave research.

The Status of Keystone

Currently, Keystone supports the features needed to perform secure boot, remote attestation, and execution of simple statically linked enclaves.

We’ve built a demo application that is capable of remote attestation, secure channel establishment using libsodium, and simple secure computation on data sent over the channel. It is available as well at

We’ve tested Keystone on qemu (our default development target), FireSim as well as on the HiFive Unleashed development board. Other RISC-V platforms that support the minimum requirements should be easy to adapt to as well.

Upcoming in Keystone

Keystone is still in its early stages, but we are excited about the research opportunities it presents.

We’ve already started work on novel cache side-channel defenses for our HiFive development board. These defenses should allow enclaves executing on this platform to execute cache side-channel free with no changes to their user-space code. Not all platforms will have cache side-channels in their threat model, and could deploy Keystone without these mitigations.

Additionally, we have an active project on formal verification of our Keystone Security Monitor and have recently verified that the hardware implementation of PMP matches the abstract specification.

Keystone needs several platform features (hardware entropy source, secure root key storage/access) to provide confidentiality and integrity guarantees for deployment. We’ll be working on making integration with different approaches to providing these features soon.

Contributing to Keystone

Keystone enables the first secure enclave hardware research platform. If you are interested in working with Keystone in a research capacity, or even deploying it in the real world, we are excited to work with you.

We are looking for collaborators in many areas: toolchain and compiler development, library development, build systems, hypervisor-type features, multi-threading models, and more. Please see further documentation available on our github for topics and contribution instructions.

Date: December 5, 2018

First Workshop on Building Open Source Secure Enclave

leading researchers and practitioners from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, ARM, UC ...

What is Keystone and its first open-source release?

Keystone is the first open-source enclave framework for RISC-V processors.

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